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Wat Chedi Sao Lang

Wat Chedi Sao Lang

Wat Chedi Sao Lang is a unique temple, not too far from Lampang in northern Thailand. Sao translates to ’20’ in the local dialect, and it gets its name from the 20 chedis that are spread throughout the temple grounds.

These glistening chedis are designed with a combination of Lanna and Burmese styles.

Wat Chedi Sao Lang History, Opening Hours & Address, Lampang

The temple is set against the backdrop of the Thai countryside, with verdant rice fields and farms in the distance. Although the origin of these chedis isn’t clear, legend has it that two monks who travelled from India to the area some 2,000 years ago tried to spread Buddha’s teachings. A local prince of the time was very impressed with the teachings, and so he asked the monks to give him ten hairs each. Then the prince built these chedis, and he kept one hair in each of them.

Rumours also say that two brothers dug up two wells in honour of the monks some time ago, and these wells are still filled with water in the temple grounds today. Surrounding the pagoda are statues of various mythical creatures; including beasts from Hindu and Chinese legends. A truly rare sight at the temple is the emaciated Buddha, which only very few people around the world have ever seen.

A small museum is located behind the chedis of the Wat Chedi Sao Lang. On the second floor, there are displays of artefacts which have been recovered in and around the site of the temple, while the first floor showcases the different things which were donated to the monks at the temple for their use. It includes some old-fashioned bicycles, old phonograph records, 16mm movies, and even an old Macintosh computer. Behind the main hall of the temple is another ornately designed chapel that houses a revered image of Buddha from the 15th century. It was discovered by a farmer in 1983 as he was working in his rice field.

If you are in Lampang, getting to the temple is easy by taking a samlor. Otherwise, you may opt to include this temple in your day trip itinerary from Chiang Mai.

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