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Wat Dab Pai

Wat Dab Pai

The Wat Dab Pai is a small temple located in the north-western corner of Chiang Mai’s old walled city.

It is known as the temple that can end suffering, although in the past it was called Wat A-Pai, after a monk named Phraya A-Pai who was very ill and couldn’t be healed.

Wat Dab Pai Thai Temple, Opening Hours, Address & Attire, Chiang Mai

He came to the temple, prayed in front of a Buddha image known as Dab-Pai, and he was cured immediately. He was so grateful that he built a temple in honour of the monk and changed its name to the current name.

Today, many devout Buddhists frequently visit the temple to pray for the same thing: good health or healing. In front of the temple’s viharn is a sacred well, which the King uses to draw water to cleanse the images of Buddha.

The elegant viharn, or adoration hall, has many intricate details that will catch your eye. For one, ferocious white and gold naga serpents are carved so ornately; these are found on the balustrades of the stairway. Red columns embellished with stunning golden motifs support the roof, while vibrant murals cover the walls. The main Buddha image is seated on a pedestal within the viharn; it is stunning and golden. Behind the statue of a painting of the famous Bodhi tree within a natural landscape.

A pair of naga serpents guard the entrance to the ubosot. The fierce bodies of the snakes extend on top of the balustrades, while gold on sky blue flower designs adorn its front gable. Colourful and fascinating murals within the ubosot tell various Buddhist stories, including the life of Buddha. One even shows Buddha meditating beneath the Bodhi tree when he was attacked by Mara and his armies in an attempt to cease his meditation. The Earth Goddess in Buddhism, Phra Mae Thorani, is depicted wringing water out of her hair to drown Mara’s armies.

Wat Dab Pai is located on Singharat Road, near the intersection of Singharat Soi 3. The temple is open daily during daylight and admission is free of charge.

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