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Wat Jedlin

The Wat Jedlin is a 16th-century temple situated in the old walled city of Chiang Mai. Located on Prapokklao Road, the temple is also known by its other names such as Wat Jet Lin, Wat Nong Chalin, and Wat Chedlin.

It is considered an overlooked temple in the city, although that is the reason why many people love visiting this beautiful and historic wat.

Wat Jedlin (Wat Chetlin) History, Opening Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

When you enter the temple grounds, the main viharn is seen immediately on your right. There are many black metal gongs alongside it, and visitors may use the mallets to produce a delightful sound. Walk past the gongs, and you’ll see some steps that will lead you into the viharn’s interior.

Compared to other extremely ornate temples in Chiang Mai, this wat is bare although its features are rich and elegant. Inside the viharn is a vibrant pink carpet dotted with soft mats where people can kneel on and pray to the big golden Buddha image in front. There are tall red columns, and seats on either side as well. Outside, there is a group of large stone balls as well as a few small statues. Behind the viharn, a tall chedi made out of stone features four sides where a niche on each side houses a small Buddha statue.

One of the most beautiful parts of the Wat Jedlin is the charming bridge. Walking along the bridge makes for some great photo ops, as it’s lined with red parasols with a saffron cloth tied around each of them. Beneath the bridge is a small pond where some tortoises and carp live, and it’s also filled with water lilies. The monk’s quarters are found at the end of the bridge, which is nice to admire from outside, but keep in mind that guests aren’t welcome to venture inside.

After exploring the temple, there is a quaint coffee shop behind the bridge. Have a cup of coffee as you take in views of the pond and the temple from outside.

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