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Wat Ket Karam Museum

Wat Ket Karam Museum

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout Thailand and the resulting restrictions imposed by the Royal Thai and Provincial governments, Wat Ket Karam Museum has been temporarily closed until further notice. We will keep you up to date any developments and please stay safe.

The Wat Ket Karam Museum is an important aspect of the cultural heritage of Chiang Mai.

This museum is a wonderful place to visit if you’d like to learn about the history and the local community, which was once occupied by a diverse mix of people from India, China, Burma, and Pakistan; all who lived harmoniously by the River Ping.

Wat Ket Karam Museum, Buddhist Temple Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

It was founded by Jarin Bain, also known as Uncle Jack, who oversees the upkeep of the temple himself. He decided to open the museum when he found out that the century-old monk residence of the nearby temple was going to get demolished. The monks approached him to preserve the old wooden residence to remain a part of the local community.

When Uncle Jack inspected the monks’ residence, he discovered numerous artefacts which he thought were valuable and decided to showcase them in a museum to educate the younger generation about the cultural heritage of Chiang Mai.

As you explore the museum, you’ll notice that it has been divided into several rooms. Each room features hundreds of unique artefacts following a specific theme, with many interesting displays offering a glimpse into the colourful history of Chiang Mai. There is enough to browse to keep you educated and entertained for an entire afternoon.

Some of the things you’ll find on display include manual typewriters, black and white television sets, ancient photos, and much more. The exhibits include informative labels written out in both Thai and English, so it’s easy to walk around on your own and understand the items on display.

The Wat Ket Karam Museum is open from 9am to 4pm daily. Although there are no entrance fees to come here, donations are welcome, as they all go towards the maintenance and upkeep of this remarkable museum.

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