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Wat Khuan Khama

Wat Khuan Khama

The Wat Khuan Khama is an old, lovely temple in Chiang Mai; located in Sri Poom Road at the Sri Phum area.

This temple is best known for having a theme centred around horses, and can easily be seen from miles away because of the massive large Buddha outside.

Wat Khuan Khama, Thai Temple, Opening Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

As you enter the temple, you’ll notice the many brilliant golden horse statues that have been intricately carved. Legends say that the temple’s horse theme is because the temple grounds were once owned by a famous royal soldier who used his land to build the temple when his favourite horse passed away. The outer walls of the temple also feature an interesting array of animals from the zodiac.

The temple has a vivid multi-tiered maroon roof with golden elements that glisten in the daytime sun. The facade also has elaborate golden carvings and numerous other details that are worth exploring. You may even see a few monks during your visit to the temple, as it’s used as a place of worship for them.

However, as you visit the Wat Khuan Khama or any other temple in Thailand, it is necessary to do your homework about temple etiquette. Despite the fact that Thais are relaxed and liberal, they may still get offended if visitors come to their venerated places of worship and do not practice respectful behaviour.

For one, before visiting, ensure that you come in modest clothing. If the weather is too hot in Chiang Mai, it’s advisable to at least pack a scarf or sarong that you can use to cover your legs, shoulders, and arms as you explore the temple for a few minutes, which you can then remove as you exit the temple.

Keep in mind that you are also expected to remove your shoes, sunnies, and hats if you haven’t already. Observe silence as you explore the temple grounds, too.

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