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Wat Muen Nguen Kong

Wat Muen Nguen Kong

Wat Muen Nguen Kong is a small, quaint Buddhist temple located on Samlan Road in Chiang Mai.

This temple may be old, but it has been well-preserved through the years, making it a top attraction in the city for visitors who love temples, or who want to see one that isn’t too touristy.

Wat Muen Nguen Kong, Buddhist Temple Address & Hours, Chiang Mai

The prominent feature of this temple is the spectacular image of the reclining Buddha. It also features incredible latticework, and all the ornate details found on the windows, interior, exterior, and doors are also very exquisite. Its chedi is made in Burmese style, which is what makes it different from the other temples in the area.

It isn’t the most culturally significant or important temple in Chiang Mai, but it is a unique gem. Don’t be surprised to walk in and find that you have the temple all to yourself. Use it as a time to appreciate the valuable details, or take advantage of the tranquil surroundings to pray or meditate. The entire temple grounds are quiet, and it’s not uncommon to catch sight of the monks meditating in the corridors or underneath the trees. Exploring all that the temple has to offer won’t take more than half an hour, and it’s definitely worth the visit.

When visiting Wat Muen Nguen Kong, visitors will have to remember to dress appropriately and show respect as it is still a place of worship, even if no one is around. It will be a good idea to skip short trousers, but at the very least you can bring along a sarong with you to wrap around your legs. Shoulders must also be covered, so both men and women should refrain from wearing revealing shirts or tank tops. Always show respect when you come across the image of Buddha by not sitting, hanging, climbing, or sitting next to his image even if it’s just for a photo.

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What is the Wat Muen Nguen Kong address?
30 Samlarn Rd, Tambon Phra Sing, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand, Phra Sing, Mueang Chiang Mai

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