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Wat Nam Hu

Wat Nam Hu is a key temple in Pai, and it attracts both devout locals and tourists. Home to the sacred Buddha image, this is a must-visit temple.

Wat Nam Hu is located approximately 3kms west of Pai. Its proximity to the town means that visitors in Pai can plan a day away and simply enjoy some time at this sacred location. Add to this the spectacular statues and the intricate architectural style and there’s every reason to head to this temple.

Wat Nam Hu History & Dress Code in Buddhist Temple, Pai Thailand

History has it that the Buddha image housed at Wat Nam Hu was brought by the then-king known as Naresuan. It is believed that the king gave up the statue to his sibling sister who was then abducted and forced to live in the palace of the King of Burma. So special is this statue that devout locals come from all over Thailand to worship at the feet of the statue.

The head of the statue of Buddha is hollow and contains holy water, which the locals believe to be sacred. The water constantly flows from the statue and is drunk to bring good luck.

Right next to Wat Nam Hu is a small market place where you can purchase handy souvenirs, religious artefacts and trinkets, amongst many other items. The gardens surrounding the temple are lush and perfect for a quiet stroll as you take in the beautiful architecture of the historic buildings on site.

As with all temples in Thailand, visitors must ensure they are dressed respectfully. This includes covering knees, shoulders and midriffs.

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What is the Wat Nam Hu address?
From the centre of town, head west along Chaisongkram Rd for 3km towards the Chinese Village, Wiang Tai, Pai

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