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Wat Pan Sao

Wat Pan Sao

Wat Pan Sao is an important Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. Although it isn’t as popular as many of the city’s other temples, what makes this one interesting are the numerous legends that are attached to it.

If you visit this temple, more often than not, you’ll probably have the place to yourself. That’s because, except for specific festivals, only very few people come here. But that’s precisely what makes this temple special: it’s quiet and tranquil and has many interesting features to take in.

Wat Pan Sao, Buddhist Temple, Address & Opening Hours, Chiang Mai

Located south of the Chiang Mai Ram Hospital, this temple is built with all the classic elements you would expect from a Buddhist temple. There’s a beautiful garden, a magnificent worship hall (designed in Lanna style), an old chedi made of bricks, and of course, the legends. Legends say that if a visitor has aligned themselves with a specific gap in the chedi wall, a spirit who lives inside it will see you and perhaps grant you a wish that you have to make while keeping your eyes on the crack amongst the bricks.

A fascinating sculpture of Ganesh is also found in the temple garden. Ganesh is a famous Hindu elephant god found in many local temples. Bamboo and wooden stalls are also found around the temple, and during certain religious festivals, the area comes alive with activity.

It is unsure exactly when Wat Pan Sao was erected, although the chedi has been around for quite a long time. It’s safe to assume that it dates back to the 14th century, although other features and buildings may have been recently added.

The temple is worth visiting, but it’s even better if you have a translator with you who can tell you the story of the gems inside the wooden cases found in the worship hall. In Thai, it explains why you should worship a specific gem based on your wishes; whether it’s a happy family, long life, or good health.

The temple is located on Bunrueang Rit Rd, between Huay Kaew Road and Suthep Road – just outside the old city walls.

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