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Wat Phraphutthabat Tak Pha

Wat Phraphutthabat Tak Pha

The Wat Phraphutthabat Tak Pha is a well-known ancient temple located in Lamphun. It is not like many of the area’s temples, as it was built on two levels that have been separated by a long stairway.

The staircase of 469 steps is lined by two nagas with five heads, and you’ll need to get through a steep climb to get to the top, although it’s also accessible by a road.

Wat Phraphutthabat Tak Pha, Thai Temple, Hours & Address, Lamphun

Getting here is worth the travel time and effort, because of the top-level promises spectacular views.

According to local legends, the Lord Buddha visited the site during ancient times and left his footprint behind. The Buddha’s saffron-coloured robe was left laid out on the rocks to dry under the sun, and many say that the imprint of the robe can still be seen on it. This is why the temple is named as such because Tak Pha means ‘hang out to dry’. Visitors today can get a glimpse of the robe’s imprint and the footprint on the temple’s lower level. Another unique feature on the lower area of the temple is the small cave where various images of worship are housed.

At some point in history, the Wat Phraphutthabat Tak Pha temple was deserted for more than a thousand years. However, the ascetic monk named Phra Subrahmayanthera was responsible for reviving the temple. He was committed to the ascetic life and was known for his compassion, but passed away in 1987.

Visitors who come to visit the temple today can marvel at all the beautiful and interesting details since the ground are maintained well by the locals and monks. If you are visiting Lamphun or Chiang Mai, this temple is highly recommended to add to your itinerary.

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