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Wat Pong Noi

Wat Pong Noi

Wat Pong Noi is situated in the charming artists’ village of Pong Noi. Located in the outskirts of Chiang Mai, this temple is more of a working temple than a tourist attraction.

That’s one of the many reasons that make it unique, coupled with the fact that it’s well-integrated into a quaint local village.

Wat Pong Noi Temple History, Opening Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

The entrance to the temple may be small, but it is colourful and elaborate. It may not be one of the most popular temples, but its entrance is sure worth writing home about.

Outside the temple grounds is a quiet worship area, which one could assume was erected to make it easier for passing locals to pay their respects quickly without needing to enter the viharn. The bell tower is also rather ornate although it is consistent with the design of the other buildings within the temple grounds. All of the features of this temple are reflective of traditional Lanna style.

If you’re around on a Monday or Saturday afternoon, check out the vibrant market within the temple grounds. This is the best time to witness the temple come alive with bustling market activity. The locals here offer some of the freshest fruit and produce in Chiang Mai. It’s abundant, delicious, and very cheap.

Wat Pong Noi is also surrounded by a handful of establishments worth checking out. These include coffee shops and restaurants serving the famous khao soi dish that Chiang Mai is renowned for. At night, the sleepy village closes down pretty early although there are a few quaint bars where you can get a drink this side of town.

Spend a day in Pong Noi for a taste of something different; you won’t regret it! The best way to explore the neighbourhood is to rent a bicycle; everything here is so scenic, and there is little traffic.

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