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Wat Pong Sanuk

Wat Pong Sanuk

The Wat Pong Sanuk is a magnificent Burmese temple located in Lampang.

The temple, which has received the UNESCO Award for Merit, was built back in 1886 by wealthy immigrants from Burma who were working in the lucrative teak logging industry.

Wat Pong Sanuk, Thai Temple, History & Opening Hours, Lampang

It sits on the banks of the Wang River, located in a quiet town that makes for an easy day trip from Chiang Mai. The town was frequented by many Burmese between the 19th and 20th centuries, who came to Lampang to work in teak logging. During this time, they also erected several beautiful Burmese monasteries. Visit this well-maintained temple today, and you’ll understand why it is such an integral part of the Lampang culture and history.

In fact, this temple is the only one of its kind in Thailand that combines design influences from the Chinese, Burmese, and Lanna cultures. It also houses the Phra That Jom Krai; a very important Buddha image. The temple is also important because it enshrined the first city pillar of Lampang before it was relocated to the old capital building, where it is still found today.

The main chedi of this temple is as ancient as the golden chedi of the famous Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. It has a distinct viharn, which is made using a unique artistic style combining various artefacts such as swan posts, a wooden Buddha, delicate door arches, fabric paintings depicting mythological stories, a Tripitaka chest, and a massive albino elephant flag.

Wat Pong Sanuk also has the only viharn in Thailand with a cruciform shape. Today, the temple is an important place of worship but is also a place to visit to appreciate striking history, art, culture, and architecture.

Find it at the Muang district of central Lampang, along Pongsanuk road. The temple is open during daylight hours every day, and there is no admission charge.

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