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Wat Prasat

Wat Prasat

Wat Prasat is a stunning, unique temple complex in Chiang Mai. Located within the old walled city, the temple is right across the equally famous Wat Phra Singh.

The ancient temple was erected sometime during the end of the 16th century, and its design is reflective of traditional Lanna heritage which sets it apart from the dozens of other wats in Chiang Mai.

Wat Prasat, Buddhist Temple, Address, Hours & History, Chiang Mai

The temple’s viharn was made in 1823; a beautiful wooden structure erected on a stone base. Ornate flower carvings adorn the panels on its entrance, while the stairs leading to its entrance are guarded by impressive nagas or mythological snakes.

But one of its most striking features is a short tunnel which connects the chedi to the viharn. The middle of the back wall also has an elaborate entrance to the short tunnel, which will lead you directly to the chedi behind it. It features a seated Buddha image that is visible from the viharn. Both sides of the tunnel entrance are filled with an impressive array of Buddha images. One of them, a bronze image, dates back to 1590 while the rest are more recent and made of stucco. Murals from the 19th century also decorate the viharn walls.

A recently reconstructed ubosot is found behind the viharn. Behind the ubosot, you’ll find a large white chedi accentuated by a golden spire. Inside the temple grounds are many other interesting features, including a small spirit house and a bell tower.

It’s a common occurrence to witness monks chanting or going about their daily spiritual work in the temple, so if you come across them be sure to be respectful.

Wat Prasat is on Inthawarorot Road. It’s open every day from 5am to 8pm; admission is free. Due to its convenient location within the old walled city, visitors can easily visit a handful of other temples nearby.

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What is the Wat Prasat address?
4/2 Intra Warorot Lane 3 Alley, Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai

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