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Wat Si Rong Muang

Wat Si Rong Muang

The Wat Sri Rong Muang is a unique, incredible temple in Lampang famed for its impressive teak wood design; built during the reign of Rama V and took all of seven years to complete.

The location of the where the temple is now used to be a site full of beautiful teak trees which put Lampang on the map for its stunning use in architecture and art.

Wat Si Rong Muang History, Opening Hours & Address, Lampang

The temple was built by the Burmese loggers in 1904, who travelled here to find work in the thriving teak logging business. Due to the deforestation problems, the temple was used as a sanctuary so that the locals could pray for forgiveness for destructing nature and ask for protection.

The interior of the vihara features intricate Burmese art, while its roof has several layers in gold and red colours. All the pillars have sparkling mosaic designs and golden embellishments from top to bottom. One of the most striking features of the temple is the round wooden pillars of the vihara, which are designed with mosaics in vibrant colours. The pillar in front of the Buddha statue is created in various shapes, including those of wild animals, humans, guardian angels, monkeys, and other giants. It’s particularly beautiful when the light coming from the mosaic casts bright colours on the vihara.

An elegant Shan-style chedi is found near the viharn. Elegantly painted in white and with a partial gild, the chedi is set on a square base featuring a Burmese ornamental parasol. The other structures you’ll find here include the monk’s living quarters, several spirit houses, and the kuti. The Wat Sri Rong Muang’s unique Burmese attributes make it an exceptional temple when compared to the different styles of temples nearby, which were made in Lanna style.

The temple is open daily from 8am to 5pm, and admission is free. It is located on Takrao Noi Road, south of the Wang River in Lampang.

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