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Wat Thung Yu

Wat Thung Yu

The Wat Thung Yu Temple is one of Chiang Mai’s many beautiful and interesting temples.

Located in the Si Phum Subdistrict in the Old City, there are many features that set this temple apart and make it so unique.

Wat Thung Yu Temple History, Opening Hours & Address, Chiang Mai

The primary assembly hall of the temple is tiny and compact, although it features a beautiful three-tiered roof with elaborately decorated gables that extend from the temple’s main structure. As a result, it creates a relaxing shaded porch.

The temple houses a stunning Buddha alongside amazing carved crystal images in different vibrant colours. There are also many murals around that are worth seeing.

The main entrance to Wat Thung Yu is the smaller viharn, whose entrance is guarded by two intricately carved naga serpents. There are also two statues of two monks; on the left is a golden monk statue of Kruba Srivichai, who was one of the Lanna Kingdom’s most revered monks. Srivichai was responsible for overseeing the construction of many of Chiang Mai’s temples. There is also another monument dedicated to him found at the base of the Doi Suthep Mountain, because he was responsible for creating the road that takes visitors up to the mountain today. He had a massive influence on the local culture during his time, which is why he is such an important figure in Chiang Mai’s history. Between these statues is a Buddha footprint, which is covered using a Burmese umbrella known as a Pathein Htee.

Visiting the temple grounds won’t take up much of your time since it’s rather small. The best way to make the most out of your day is to visit this temple together with others nearby – there are plenty to choose from!

Another reason why this temple is highly recommended is that there are hardly any tourists around, so you can have the freedom of exploring the serene grounds to yourself without having to share it with anyone else.

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