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Tha Phae Gate

Tha Phae Gate

Tha Phae Gate is one of the best-known attractions in Chiang Mai and a prime meeting place an entertainment venue in the city.

Forming part of the old city wall, Tha Phae Gate dates back to the 16th century when the famous Mang Rai Kingdom was established.

Tha Phae Gate, Guest House Hotels & History Chiang Mai, Thailand

The gate was also present when the then-King established Chiang Mai. During this period, the gate was initially referred to as Chiang Ruak Gate, a name that was bestowed in honour of the nearby village.

Over the years, this was changed to its current name Tha Phae Gate. This, in the local dialect, translates to ‘a landing region for rafts’. At the onset, there were dual gates: the inner and the outer gate. At the turn of the 19th century, the outer gate was destroyed, leaving just the inner gate.

Over time, the gate has undergone renovations to maintain its structure, but this has not taken away its charm or historic significance to the city of Chiang Mai. The gate creates an important link between the western and the eastern regions of The Old city of Chiang Mai.

The gate is within close proximity to a number of prime attractions within Chiang Mai including the Night Bazaar and Loi Kroh Road and the Muay Thai Boxing Stadium. It is also one of the prime entertainment spots for large events including Loy Krathong and Songkran Festivals. You will find plenty of restaurants, fast food outlets, shops, hotels and guest houses located within close proximity.

Tha Phae Gate is also an excellent location to quote to your taxi driver or tuk-tuk driver if you need to orient yourself in the city, as everyone knows where it is. There are hundreds of tuk-tuks and songthaews hovering around Tha Phae Gate as well, so you will never have trouble catching transport from here. A songthaew ride to anywhere in the old city should cost no more than 20 THB (per person).

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What is the Tha Phae Gate address?
Intersection of Rachadamnoen Rd & Mun Mueang Rd, Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai

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