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Chiang Mai Cafes

Chiang Mai Cafes

Chiang Mai cafes come in all shapes and sizes. From cosy third-wave coffee shops to more eccentric cafes, you won’t run out of options in this city.

Pair your favourite brew with a variety of freshly-baked local and international snacks. The abundance of cafes here caters to travellers as well as the ever-growing expat and digital nomad community who rely on these establishments for relaxing breaks or to work.

Best Chiang Mai Cafes, Coffee & Food Spots in The Old City & Nimman

Bagel House cafe (1 Moon Muang Rd Soi 8, in the Old City) is a cute little establishment that is known for their authentic American-style bagels, which are homemade each day. Aside from bagels, they also have delicious sandwiches, smoothies, and coffee. Friendly local owners welcome all guests, but there are only a handful of tables, so it fills up pretty quickly. Bagel House cafe is clean, they have a fantastic service, and all the food is made fresh. You can’t go wrong with this cafe.

Taa-Peng-Cat (3/11 Samlarn Rd, in the Old City) is a charming cafe that serves healthy and vegetarian-friendly options. The area is surrounded by beautiful potted plants and flowers, so it makes you feel as though you’re dining in a garden. Meet the resident cat who may come up to you for a few pets! They are known for their delightful paninis, salads, and smoothies.

The Hideout (95/10 Sithiwongse Rd – near the top right of the moat) is one of the most well-known cafes in town and for a good reason. They offer inexpensive continental food such as baguette sandwiches, salads, and desserts. It’s a great place to come by for breakfast as they also have incredible coffee and tea, but The Hideout is an all-around great cafe to visit any time of day.

The Overstand cafe (19/3 Ratchamanka Road Soi 2, in the Old City) is one of the best Chiang Mai cafes. Super cosy and high-quality food; it’s frequented by locals and expats who come to savour their delicious treats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s owned by a barista originating in Australia, so you know that the coffee here is among the city’s best. Their coconut espresso is definitely a must-try!

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