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Chiang Mai Restaurants

Chiang Mai Restaurants

Restaurants in Chiang Mai are a key part of the city’s tourist attractions, and for good reason. Thai cuisine is a must-experience for first time visitors.

Food is an integral highlight for many Thai visitors, and Chiang Mai offers the perfect blend of great food and the warmth of the locals.

Best Chiang Mai Thai Restaurants & Top Vegetarian Food Options

The best thing about restaurants in Chiang Mai is that they serve top quality food at a fraction of the price of what you would pay in a western country. You will find that Chiang Mai is even cheaper than you would find in Bangkok or Phuket.

Due to the year round warm climate in Chiang Mai, you will find many restaurants are open air establishments so you can enjoy the outdoors while you eat. There are also more traditional restaurants with air-conditioning and 5-star service.

The best thing about Chiang Mai, is that they have also embraced western foods, so you will find plenty of options on the menu including burgers, pizza, pasta, burritos and so much more! Of course, you can also purchase traditional Thai favourites including Kao Soi, Thai Curries, Pad Thai and Tom Yum Goong.

Some of the most highly rated restaurants in Chiang Mai are: Davids Kitchen (serving French, European, Asian, Thai), Tikky Cafe (Cafe style serving Asian, Thai and is Vegetarian Friendly), Eat Is Life (Japanese, Mediterranean), La Fourchette (Swiss, French, European), The Service 1921 Restaurant & Bar (Chinese, Thai, Fusion) and the amazing Favola (inside the Le Meridian Hotel serving Italian and International cuisine).

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