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Chiang Mai Motorbike Rental

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Chiang Mai Motorbike Rental

Motorbike rental in Chiang Mai is the best way to get out and explore the town. It’s cheap, easy, and the quickest way to see the many attractions beyond the city.

While there are hundreds of motorbikes available to rent, you should keep in mind that the best choice for you is one that you can afford but most importantly, one that you are comfortable on.

Chiang Mai Motorbike Rental, Scooter Hire Price, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Ideally, you should have had some motorbike riding experience before renting one to drive yourself. First-timers and newbies can choose from small bikes and scooters that will get you around the city and nearby villages leisurely.

Throughout Chiang Mai, there are many bike rental shops who allow customers to negotiate prices, but you don’t want to bargain too low otherwise the owner might just end up giving you a poor-quality bike. Besides, a cheap rental bike may require you to shell out more money for its fuel or repair; unnecessary headaches when you’re travelling.

The shops may also ask you to surrender your passport as insurance for the bike (some may ask for a 1000 baht deposit instead). This practice may be strange for visitors, although it’s standard in northern Thailand and there are rarely ever any problems getting your passport back as long as you return the bike. In the instance that you do encounter difficulties recovering your passport, get in touch with the Tourist Police.

Some well-established motorbike rental Chiang Mai shops include Mango Bikes, Bicky, and Funky Bike. You can also ask your hostel or hotel to help you find a reputable dealer.

Before making your final decision, it’s recommended to test the bike’s comfort and reliability. You can take it for a run through the city moat, but if you have the time, it’s even better to take the bike on a half day or one-day trip. if you have ample time, why not head out to the Samoeng loop, which is an excellent destination for motorbike riders and one which should be on your bucket list.

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