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Fang is a district located in the north of Chiang Mai province; named after the fang tree, because its landscape resembles its seed.

It’s one of the most underrated destinations in northern Thailand and is highly recommended for travellers seeking remote, beautiful places that are less touristy.

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Having said that, the town still has several gems to uncover. The town proper is a busy administrative and commercial centre, but on the outskirts, you’ll find scenic rice paddies, valleys, and lush hills covered in dense forests.

The town’s history dates back to the mid 7th century, way before the arrival of the Siamese. It was once the home of the famous King Mengrai when he was on his way to the south to conquer Haripunchai, which is now known as Lamphun, before he founded Chiang Mai.

The population is a diverse mix of Northern Thai, Shan, Yunnanese Muslims, and ethnic minorities from the Akha, Palaung, Lahu, Hmong, and Karen hill tribes. This is why the town proper has an eclectic mix of religious establishments, including Buddhist wats, mosques, churches, and even Chinese temples.

Nam Roo, a natural mountain spring, is one of the district’s most popular attractions. There are campgrounds set amidst tall trees, and refreshing pools to bathe in. It makes up part of the Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park; considered to be one of Thailand’s cleanest parks. It boasts of over 500 square kilometres of jagged, majestic mountains; jungles, and striking geographical features. It’s also home to the Pha Hom Pok mountain; Thailand’s second tallest peak after Doi Inthanon. There are also several hot springs, geysers, and excellent tourist facilities.

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy a trek to Doi Ang Khang; the 15th highest peak in the country, sitting at 1,928 meters. It can also be ascended via a motorbike, but it’s best known for the Royal Agricultural Project. The scenery is incredible up here, and a visit is highly recommended. You’ll likely encounter the Palaung and Lahu people, who have been residing in the mountain for many years.

To get here, visitors can take a bus from the Chang Phuak bus station in Chiang Mai. The trip takes around three hours. Once here, getting around Fang is best done through renting a car since there are little to no motorbike rental shops since very few tourists venture up this far – little do they know they’re missing out!

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