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Chiang Mai Hotels

Chiang Mai Hotels are a crucial facet for travellers in Thailand. With many options to choose from, it is important to know what to look out for.

Chiang Mai Accommodation

Getting proper Chiang Mai Accommodation, as with many other travel destinations, largely rests on knowing where to look.

Contrary to popular belief, often the best accommodation options in Chiang Mai are not centrally located. With a number of towns and villages in this city, there are many more options than just staying in the Old City.

Best Cheap Budget Hotel Accommodation in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Old Town District of Chiang Mai (inside the old city walls) is a superb place to stay if you are fascinated by ancient sites of historical significance. This district is home to many budget accommodation options as well as chic boutique hotels for those who do not mind spending a little more. The small size of this location makes exploration on foot quite easy and this area is considered to be the most “touristy” spot in Chiang Mai.

Next on the “touristy” list, would be around the ‘Nimman‘ area; which consists of the many streets around Nimmanheiman Road, north west of the old city. There are a huge amount of apartments and condos around here as this area is popular with expats. There are too many restaurants and cafes to count and plenty of interesting things to see and do.

For those interested in shopping, look for accommodation near the Night Bazaar between Tae Phae Gate and the Ping River. There are many upmarket hotels located here, as well as plenty of budget guest houses.

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