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Mae Chaem

Mae Chaem

Mae Chaem is a district of Chiang Mai and a scenic remote destination that nature lovers will appreciate.

Most of the landscape is covered in lush mountains, valleys, and rice fields, with lots of opportunities for both adventure and relaxation.

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For the best experience, a homestay with a local family is highly recommended. Many homestays are located amongst the rice fields and tranquil scenery; plus, they are very affordable too.

Get your adventure fix by trekking in the Doi Inthanon National Park, also known as the Roof of Chiang Mai. This is where the highest peak in Thailand is found, as well as diverse flora and fauna, and ethnic hill tribes. There’s also more waterfalls and scenic views within the park to fill up several days of exploration, so if you’d like to stay a few nights here, there are camping and sleeping facilities as well.

If you love animals, why not volunteer at an elephant sanctuary? Finding one here is easy, and you get to take care of Thailand’s most well-loved animals who have been rescued from exploitation and abuse. Spend half a day or a full day with elephants and their mahouts, bathing and feeding them at a sanctuary.

Several exquisite ancient temples are also found around Mae Chaem. These temples have been thoughtfully decorated with incredible artistry; two of the most beautiful are Wat Yang Luang and Wat Pa Daet. If you cross the river, you’ll find Wat Ban Thap, and north of this temple are Wat Phrao Num, Wat Buddha En, and Wat Kong Kan.

A unique character of Mae Cham, not seen anywhere else, is their almsgiving rite. This special ritual can be observed at Wat Ban Thap, where monks walk in a straight line as the one in front and at the back carry a pole on their shoulders, from which two large baskets are hung. Each basket contains several bowls where locals add food.

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