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Mae Wang is located in central Chiang Mai and is known for an abundance of spectacular natural attractions; including a national park, valleys, and rivers.

Ban Kat is the district’s primary commercial and town centre.

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Here, you’ll find a small but lively market selling various handmade goods and souvenirs, as well as food and delicacies. Simple restaurants and charming coffee shops are also available here, which make a good stop before exploring the rest of the valley, or if you are travelling between Doi Inthanon and Chiang Mai.

The Wang Valley is famous for its breathtaking scenery; popular among backpackers, as well as locals who come for the rafting and picnicking. The Wang River is known for its fun tubing and kayaking experiences, and the nearby hills are home to the Karen and Hmong hill tribes. If you enjoy trekking and hiking, you won’t run out of trails to explore here.

Kids and adults will have a ball at the elephant camps found here. They are relatively smaller operations compared to those in Chiang Mai, but because of that, they offer a much more intimate experience with the elephants.

The Mae Wang National Park is perhaps the most famous attraction here. Although smaller than the Doi Inthanon National Park, it’s worth a visit especially to come to see the majestic Pha Chor or the Grand Canyon of Thailand. These mystical red cliffs have formed over centuries of erosion, and today the incredible rocks create an almost surreal landscape. Most of the park is covered in dry forest, and what it lacks in wildlife, it makes up for in birds and beautiful orchids.

The Mae Phui Waterfall is a majestic 25-meter high cascade within the Mae Wang National Park, and its stream flows freely throughout the year; an excellent spot for swimming and rejuvenating yourself after a tiring hike.

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