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Omkoi is a district located at the south-western-most corner of Chiang Mai province and a three-hour drive from the Chiang Mai old city.

What makes this destination worth visiting is that it offers a glimpse into the authentic, traditional northern Thai way of life.

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Life here is laid-back, slow, and relaxed; far from the often busy streets of Chiang Mai. The locals live a simple rural lifestyle, and it’s devoid of tall buildings, fancy hotels, or skyscrapers. Instead, the district has numerous natural attractions and picturesque landscapes – the perfect place for visitors who want to slow down and escape from the hectic city life.

From the Omkoi town itself, catch a local truck to take you to the beautiful Omkoi Wildlife Sanctuary, where you’ll find the fantastic Doi Mon Jong. Renowned for being Thailand’s golden mountain, the landscape here is unlike anything else you’ll find in the country. It is home to a charming local community, but best of all, the rhododendron fields are breathtaking. These flowers can only be found in this part of Thailand, so to be able to witness it in such a beautiful environment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Doi Mon Jong only welcomes visitors from November to February, and there are no admission fees. You’ll need to hire a four-wheel drive to take you up the road, and you’ll be dropped off to begin your hike up the mountain. If you aren’t sure about the trail, you can easily hire one of the locals as a tour guide, or for help in carrying your gear and cooking equipment up with you. The climate up here is fresh and crisp, and the trail is relatively easy, as long as you take careful steps as some parts can be dangerous as they overlook a cliff.

Bring your camping gear and equipment for a cosy overnight stay at the mountain – it will be the highlight of your visit to Omkoi for sure.

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