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Phrao is located in the north-eastern area of Chiang Mai province. The major town is called the same name, which was given to the city by King Mangrai during 1281.

King Mangrai was on his way to occupy the Hariphunchai Kingdom, and afterwards, he sent his third son, named Khrua, to rule over the district. It then became one of the most important towns of the Lanna kingdom.

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It wasn’t until some three decades ago when the Mae Ngad Dam was constructed, which led to more people discovering this area. Before then, most of it was cut off from the rest of Chiang Mai. While it has always remained off the beaten track, it wasn’t always hidden.

Today, it may be an overlooked location in northern Thailand, but the landscape’s beauty is truly remarkable. It’s highly recommended for a visit if you appreciate the simplicity of rural life and authentic local culture. The main market in town, as well as the administrative centre, is situated in a lush, fertile valley that makes up part of an important agricultural area. The majestic forest-covered mountains of the Sri Lanna National Park surround the perimeter of the town.

Unlike its neighbours in the north, Phrao may not have majestic monuments, temples, or city walls – most of this, you can fit in Chiang Mai and its surrounding cities. However, the town has its quirks and unique features that should come to see for yourself. The valley scenery is breathtaking, and life here is so relaxing. The roads are well-established and make for terrific trails to explore on two wheels.

Near the town, visitors can also check out the Bua Tong Waterfall and Forest Park, which you’ll encounter on the way to Phrao from Chiang Mai. The park features springs, forests, and waterfalls to immerse yourself entirely in nature.

If you’re keen on seeing more temples, head over to the Wat Doi Mae Ping, which is located only 20 kilometres away from the town centre.

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