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Samoeng is a small town located around 50 kilometres away from Chiang Mai. Most of the community is made up of farmers, and it’s tucked into a beautiful valley at an elevation of 550 meters.

It’s best known for its fresh, sweet strawberries, but there’s a lot more to see, do, and experience here.

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What truly puts this town on the map is the famous Samoeng Loop; a well-known attraction among motorbike enthusiasts. It enjoys the reputation of being the best motorbike trail in all of northern Thailand. It features an exciting 100 kilometres round-trip circular journey filled with picturesque attractions and thrilling mountainside curves. Many consider riding around the loop as the best way to see the country, bar none.

What makes the route special, aside from the incredible views, is that it also provides riders and their passengers with a glimpse of the many strawberry farms and rural Thai life. These sights aren’t something that you often see in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or other touristy parts of the country. The route is also peppered with roadside coffee shops, delicious eateries, and viewpoints to help you recharge before getting back on the road again.

The town is also filled with more strawberry products than you can imagine. From dried fruit, brandy, wine, jam, and of course, fresh strawberries, you can’t visit Samoeng town without having a taste of these fresh juicy fruits. There are also several other stalls that sell a variety of fruit products; such as sweet banana chips, barbecued banana chips, and more; all of which go so well with a piping hot cup of Thai coffee.

The fresh market of the town centre is also where you can find a wide assortment of fresh and ready-to-eat food, while many small restaurants are located nearby.

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