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San Kamphaeng is located some 13 kilometres east of Chiang Mai. It is renowned for its world-class silk factories and handicrafts, which are worth going out of town because of their excellent quality, craftsmanship, and reasonable prices.

If you’re interested in shopping, check out the main handicraft highway, which stretches for around 10 kilometres.

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All along the road, there are dozens of vendors selling silk products, pottery, lacquerware, silverware, sculptures, paperware, wood carvings, jewellery, and much more. These stalls offer stellar products, and many of them also offer made-to-order.

Check out Celadon, which is considered as the best pottery in northern Thailand, distinct for its unique green glaze that resembles jade. Head over to Baan Celadon to witness the ancient Chinese technique used to make these beautiful pieces of pottery, and the painting of the final product. Prempacha is known for having the biggest collection of different styles of pottery.

The district is also famed for their talented silversmiths; some of the best in Thailand. They produce a wide assortment of silverware, from large household items to exquisite jewellery. The styles vary from traditional Lanna silverware to modern products, which make fantastic souvenirs and gifts.

Sam Kamphaeng is also known for its paper products which are used to create beautiful bags, photo albums, umbrellas, and more. Speaking of umbrellas, the Bo Sang Umbrella Making Village is not to be missed. Be prepared for an explosion of vibrant colours as the vendors on the street display ornate parasols covered in paper. The end product is painted using bright hues or motifs such as birds and flowers. Each umbrella here is a one-of-a-kind piece, a work of art unlike anything else. Visitors are welcome to watch the craftsmen create the umbrellas from scratch using an assembly line process. Afterwards, you can also purchase the finished umbrellas and many other gift items from town.

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