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Chiang Mai Resorts

Chiang Mai Resorts

Resorts in Chiang Mai offer a luxurious form of accommodation for visitors who would like to splurge on their trip while enjoying the warmth of Thailand.

Chiang Mai Resorts come with a huge range of amenities for guests, so your choice is only limited by your budget!

Luxury 5 Star & Family Chiang Mai Resorts & Accommodation in Thailand

Sample the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort and Spa which offers an opulent experience. Some of the perks of staying at Anantara include spectacular views of the surrounding area, rejuvenating yoga sessions as well as a spa to relax you after a fun day out. With several international cuisines on offer, it is little wonder this is touted to be the most relaxing resort in Chiang Mai.

It is impossible to mention Chiang Mai’s resorts without making mention of dusitD2. dusitD2 is an elegant resort whose proximity to the Night Bazaar belies its lavish services. It is a must-experience if you are prepared to spend a little more on your holiday to Chiang Mai.

Other options to consider when scouting for Chiang Mai Resorts include Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai and the RatiLanna Riverside Spa Resort, both of which offer an unforgettable holiday experience. Also, the Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai overlooks the verdant rice paddies while offering excellent accommodation.

These resorts should be booked early in the high season (December – January) as the weather is cooler and tourists flock to Chiang Mai by the thousands. Click the link below to browse the range of resorts available in Chiang Mai.

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