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Araksa Tea Garden

Araksa Tea Garden

The Araksa Tea Garden specialises in producing premium Assam tea; a distinct black tea which is named after the most prominent tea-growing region in India.

Found in the Mae Tang district in Chiang Mai, the plantation is a picturesque, scenic destination that anyone who appreciates tea will enjoy.

Araksa Tea Garden, Plantation Tour Fees, Prices & Address, Chiang Mai

Here, you’ll get to immerse in the beauty of a traditional, lush tea plantation while getting to learn about the original tea growing processes which have been around for centuries. Get your hands dirty as you learn how to select leaves from the plantation, and take in a lesson or two from the professional tea pluckers. Watch in amazement as the leaves undergo processing using traditional techniques, and sip a cup of the very tea you hand-picked.

Once you arrive at the Araksa Tea Garden, friendly staff will greet you, and they will proceed to educate you about the various methods that go into cultivation and production of their special tea. A resident tea picker will guide you to the verdant tea bushes, and she will teach you how to select tea leaves.

It is a unique local experience and one that will entice all the senses! All guests will be provided with a bamboo basket which you can use to carry your tea leaves. You will then be taken to a roasting station where you are treated to a demonstration of tea processing from hand to roasting.

A visit to the plantation makes for a great half-day activity. They offer several packages to choose from, all of which include a fantastic tea garden tour. You can also opt for a package that takes you to the Lisu hill tribe village, where you are taken on a short walking tour after the tea plantation and get to dine on delicious Lanna cuisine.

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Tour Times: Daily at 10am & 2pm
Tour Duration: 1.30 hours

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