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Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden

Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden

The Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden is a peaceful, man-made forest with hundreds of pine trees. Located in the Mae Hong Son province, it is proof that there is so much more to Thailand than the legendary white-sandy beaches it’s known for.

Visit this forest for a few hours of tranquillity – it’s also a wonderful place to take some photos.

Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden, Address & History Details, Chiang Mai

The forest was built back in the 1960s because the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation saw the need to start a project for the reforestation efforts. It is just a two-hour drive from Chiang Mai, making it an easy day trip. Many have likened it to the popular Nami Island of Korea, which features several hundred beautiful pine trees as well.

The setting for the forest is rather romantic, so if you are travelling with your loved ones, do come for a visit. Getting here will require a scenic drive up and down the beautiful hills and many curves before finally arriving at the garden. There are thousands of majestic pine trees here to marvel in, and the air is so clean and crisp. Today, they are over thousands of trees that are more than 40 years old but thrive at these high altitudes which is around 500 meters above sea-level.

The best time to visit the Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden is during winter, but the weather up here is cool all year round. The winter-time is extra lovely because there are better chances you’ll get to see a see of thin mist enveloping the garden. It is one of the rarest and most precious sights of northern Thailand.

Due to the cool weather here, don’t forget to pack a light jacket to keep you warm. There is no accommodation here but it does make a great day trip.

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What is the Bo Kaeo Pine Tree Garden address?
Route 108

Approx 2.5km east from the Route 1099 intersection, Bo Luang, Hot

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