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Ban Ho Mosque

Ban Ho Mosque

The Ban Ho Mosque is an iconic mosque located near the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. It is revered for being one of the largest mosques in Chiang Mai, and it is also one of the only 7 mosques in the whole province.

The mosque was built by a group of Chinese people known as the Chin Ho, back in the 19th century.

Ban Ho Mosque / Hedaytul Islam Mosque Address & Hours, Chiang Mai

They all came from the Yunnan province, and eventually renovated the building using Arabic influences. What’s interesting is that this Chinese community once used to travel back and forth between the Lanna Kingdom and China, riding on top of caravans driven by ponies. They served the once important trade route of the time.

Due to the location of the mosque to the night bazaar, it’s no surprise that the local market outside the mosque sells delicious Halal food. Look for the market, which is colourful and vibrant but hidden behind the tall shop houses. The big old wooden house makes for a unique backdrop to the shopping experience here.

There are also many other interesting finds at the market behind the mosque. These include some of the freshest fruit this part of Chiang Mai, popular herbs and spices that Muslims use in their cooking, fermented bean curd, sun-dried beef, black chicken, and much more.

Other stalls sell Burmese and Chinese goods. However, many of the shops are run by Chinese people who can speak very little English and Thai.

During Saturdays and Sundays, the mosques hold classes for young Muslims starting at 8am, all the way to noon for the noon-time prayer. If you want to silently observe these activities, you can come during these hours.

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