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Chang Moi

Chang Moi is a subdistrict of Chiang Mai and a terrific location that makes it a top choice for travellers who want to be close to many of Chiang Mai’s best tourist attractions including food, shopping, and historical sites.

The most famous landmark of this district is the legendary Warorot Market, which is practically synonymous to Chiang Mai.

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The market is located just off Chiang Moi Road and is easily the best place for shopping in this area. The Warorot Market features a massive three-story mall offering an extensive selection of ready-to-eat local food at low prices, all kinds of produce, Thai snacks, and refreshments. There is also a big part of the market that is dedicated to bargain fashion finds, including accessories, clothes, shoes, and even personal care.

This is also where you’ll find the Nawarat Bridge, one of the main bridges of the province, which has been built over the Mae Ping River. If you have a chance to visit during Loy Krathong or the lantern festival, the Nawarat Bridge and the riverbanks light up with hundreds of beautiful handmade lanterns that are released into the sky.

The district is home to several cultural attractions as well, including the Wat Buphharam; an impressive temple that is known for housing the largest Buddha image in Thailand, which has been made out of teak wood. Located outside the old walled city, Wat Buphharam was constructed in 1497. It’s one of the most important temples in Chiang Mai, and worth a visit.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy a visit to the Elephant Parade House in Chang Moi. It features an incredible array of colourful elephant statues from all corners of the globe. Take home an elephant as a souvenir, or better yet, paint your own. Elephant Parade offers relaxing artistic activities centred around these majestic animals.

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