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Blue Daily Elephant Care

Blue Daily Elephant Care

Blue Daily Elephant Care is a heart-warming elephant sanctuary ideal for visitors of all ages who are looking for an authentic elephant encounters near Chiang Mai.

The majestic elephants that we all love, and which are sacred to Thais, are an endangered species. With fewer elephants in the world now than ever before, encounters such as what the sanctuary provides are not only important for their welfare, but it’s also a highly rewarding activity.

Blue Daily Elephant Care Sanctuary, Half & Full Day Tours, Chiang Mai

The entire elephant operation is sustainable and ethical, providing visitors with a guilt-free experience. It’s one you should feel good about, because by supporting the elephants, you also get to support the local farmers and hill tribes who live nearby. These individuals are an important part of the business because it is them who supplies the shoulder bags, Napier grasses, rice grains, sugar canes, rice grain, bananas, and more for the elephants and visitors to enjoy.

Choose from half and full-day tour packages, which take you to different trails and destinations to enjoy with your companions, and of course, the elephants. No matter which package you choose, you’ll get to enjoy intimate encounters with these beautiful creatures; learn how to take care of them, walk with them through the jungle, and bathe them in scenic waterfalls and rivers. There is also the option of booking an elephant excursion that takes you on a side trip to the magnificent Doi Suthep Temple plus an exciting bamboo rafting activity.

Going on a trip with Blue Daily Elephant Care will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in Chiang Mai. No matter how old you are, you’ll be able to appreciate and learn from these beautiful, gentle creatures.

Make sure to wear appropriate clothing for the excursion. Expect to get soaked in the falls or rivers, so wear a swimsuit underneath your clothes and pack an extra change of clothes.

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What is the Blue Daily Elephant Care address?
What are the Blue Daily Elephant Care opening hours?
What are the Blue Daily Elephant Care entry prices?
Half-Day Morning Visit Blue Daily Elephant Care Sanctuary: 1,700 Baht
Half-Day Afternoon Visit Blue Daily Elephant Care Sanctuary: 1,700 Baht
Full-Day Visit Blue Daily Elephant Care Sanctuary: 2,400 Baht
One Day Elephant Care + Wat Huay Tong + Mae Tien Waterfall + Rafting: 3,600 Baht
One Day Doi Suthep Temple + Bamboo Rafting + Elephant Care: 3,900 Baht

Please visit our website for more information on the Blue Daily Elephant Care.
What is the Blue Daily Elephant Care phone number?

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