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Bo Sang Umbrella Festival
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Bo Sang Umbrella Village

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The Bo Sang Umbrella Village is a one-of-a-kind attraction in Chiang Mai; named after these beautiful, colourful parasols which are an iconic part of the local culture.

It is located within the San Kampaeng district, and as soon as you enter, you will see many bright, vibrant umbrellas being sold by street-side vendors.

Bo Sang Umbrella Village, Market, Address, Hours & Map, Chiang Mai

Head straight for the village, where many local parasol makers make and sell these products. The main highlight is the very factory where visitors can sit back and marvel at how the men and women painstakingly make these parasols by hand. They use an assembly-line process, and visitors are invited to take a peek at each station where you can see the umbrella come alive piece by piece; from the tiny parts to the sundry station, until you see the exquisite final product you will want to take home with you.

The best time to visit the village is during the Bo Sang Umbrella Festival, held on the 3rd Friday of January each year. What seems like a simple, humble parasol fills the town in every colour and size imaginable; complete with lively festivities and parades, plus exhibitions and even a beauty pageant. This festival is highly anticipated by the locals, who depend mainly on the income from their umbrella crafts.

The Bo Sang Umbrella Village is not only a thrill to visit, but amateur and seasoned photographers will have a ball capturing all the priceless moments you’ll encounter here. There are so many colours and textures that contribute to the town’s unique personality. It’s also rather fascinating to see the different materials that are used in each parasol: natural latex is used as a varnish; bamboo strips are used for the parasol’s ribs; softwood for the handle and its cap; and all the colours come from natural sources such as plant dye and tree barks. Many umbrella makers have also adapted to more modern materials, such as using acrylic paint.

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