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Catmosphere Cat Cafe

Catmosphere Cat Cafe

Catmosphere Cat Cafe is the ultimate destination for cat lovers in Chiang Mai. The cafe is home to many cats, whom you can interact with, play with, or just watch them sleep, as you enjoy a delicious snack or coffee.

The adorable cats you’ll meet here are a mix of both adopted and purchased kitties.

Catmosphere Cat Cafe Chiang Mai, Menu, Drinks, Hours & Address

This is a no-frills cat cafe that all cat lovers will appreciate. Simply drop by, make an order, and wait for the cats to come by your side. There are several chairs and pillows throughout the cafe where you can relax with the cats by your side.

The best time to come is during the morning or in the evening, as the cats are the most active during these hours. However, some people find the presence of resting cats to be therapeutic, and if this is the case, do come by in the early afternoon.

Guests are free to take as many photos of the cats as you like! Just keep in mind to avoid using the flash feature of your camera, since it could stress the cats out. Anyone can come and enjoy the facilities, food, and cats at the cafe. However, children are required to be at least five years of age to enter, with parents also needing to watch over their children.

While there is no entrance fee, you may as well order something from the menu to eat or drink; otherwise, a fee of 100 Thai baht per hour will be charged if you don’t buy anything.

The cafe is found along Huay Kaew Road, just a stone’s throw away from Chiang Mai University. Go straight on Huay Kaew Road and pass the Dunkin’ Donuts sign to your left, and soon you will see the Mac cafe which has a large Apple logo. Turn left here, and you’ll find Catmosphere Chiang Mai on your left.

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Entry: Free

There is no entrance fee but you must order at least one item from the menu. Guests who really don't want to eat or drink anything will be charged a fee of 100 baht per hour

Please visit our website for more information on the Catmosphere Cat Cafe.
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