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Chae Son National Park

Chae Son National Park

Chae Son National Park is a stunning natural attraction found east of Chiang Mai in the Mueang Pan District.

The small National Park is just around 592 square kilometres large, but it is rich in beauty and majestic scenery that you won’t find anywhere else.

Chae Son National Park, Mineral Springs & Waterfall, Lampang, Thailand

The park is located within an area that is abundant in natural treasures. There are many wonderful hiking and trekking trails nearby, so if this is something that interests you, bring along a pair of comfortable walking shoes. However, what makes this park very special is that it remains relatively unknown as a tourist destination. There are many quiet areas to explore, and it has a sense of isolation.

Nestled within a lush mountainous area, the park’s most notable feature is its hot springs. During cool Chiang Mai mornings, the hot springs are a delight to walk around to help you warm up. While it’s too hot to swim in (temperatures hover between 75 to 100 degrees centigrade), locals enjoy coming here to be able to cook eggs among the hot springs. There are nearby stalls for you to purchase different types of eggs.

Chae Son National Park also features bathhouses that are equipped with private huts and spacious pools, a terrific place to take a dip. The locals believe that the warm waters here have healing properties. Some areas of the spring flow into the river nearby so you can simultaneously take hot and cold dips.

If you’d like to try something different, camping here is highly recommended. The nearby camping grounds are spacious and clean; ideal for pitching a tent for you to appreciate the outdoors. The park is very well-maintained, and they also have washrooms and a toilet. If you don’t have your own camping gear, you can rent these for a low cost at the main park reception area.

The park is located off route 1252 in Chae Son, in the Mueang Pan District. It is open every day from 8am to 6pm.

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