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Chang Sanctuary

Chang Sanctuary

Chang Sanctuary offers an incredible elephant encounter for visitors who are interested in supporting animal welfare.

This place is different compared to other elephant encounters in Thailand, most of which make big bucks by abusing these gentle giants for entertainment or use them for transportation and labour.

Chang Sanctuary Elephant Half & Full Day Tour Price, Chiang Mai Thailand

Today, the elephants are well taken cared of at the sanctuary. They no longer do any form of hard labour, and visitors can come to enjoy intimate experiences with the elephants in Chiang Mai. This place is unique because it’s a lesser-known animal encounter establishment, which makes it a true local gem.

Visitors can choose from different packages available. There is the classic one-day visit, which starts at 8am with a pick up at your hotel. This is inclusive of exciting activities where you’ll get to learn how to take good care of an elephant; feeding and bathing them, and even playing with them. You will be taken to a stunning waterfall for swimming and relaxation.

There is also the one-day visit combined with some hiking, where you will be driven around 1.5 hours into stunning jungles. You’ll also stop by some local markets to get food and refreshments. Then begins a fun 2-hour hike, stopping by the Mae Sapok village where you get to meet the Karen hill tribe members. From there, you will be taken to the elephant camp for several hours of elephant activity.

There are also half-day morning and afternoon tour packages, depending on your availability. Better yet, for the most fun experience, do the overnight Chang Sanctuary program package for an immersive and intensive encounter that you won’t forget anytime soon.

No matter which package you end up booking, the time spent with these animals and all the good that goes into taking care of them will go a long way.

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What are the Chang Sanctuary entry prices?
One-Day Chang Visit: 2,400 Baht
One-Day Chang + Real Hiking: 2,700 Baht
Half-Day Chang Visit (Morning): 1,700 Baht
Half-Day Chang Visit (Afternoon): 1,700 Baht

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