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Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium

Muay Thai boxing is the most popular sports in Thailand and is therefore a great activity to enjoy whilst holidaying in Chiang Mai.

This fierce combat sport is conducted in various stadiums all over Chiang Mai, including the Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium.

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium, Muay Thai Fight Price & Time, Chang Phuak

Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium is located just 600 metres north of Chang Phuak Gate (north gate) of Chang Phuak Road. A more modern stadium than you will find at the other venues, the Chiang Mai Boxing Stadium puts on real fights where the competitors fight for money and glory.

Matches are generally held at the stadium on Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9pm. Tickets cost 600 THB for general admission and 100 THB for VIP seating which gets you right up close to the stage. VIP Luxury tickets are sometimes offered for 1500 THB which includes drinks.

You will typically see between 5-7 fights each night, with the lightweight boxers starting off, leading up to the heavyweights. Matches typically start at 9pm, with the fights finishing around 11pm.

Alcoholic beverages are available for sale during the fights. You can simply arrive at the stadium any time during the day and purchase your ticket for that night, or you can arrive right on time to get a ticket. It is very rare that an evening will completely sell out.

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