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Chiang Mai Elephant Legend

Chiang Mai Elephant Legend

Chiang Mai Elephant Legend is a highly recommended elephant sanctuary.

If you’d like to make a difference during your travels, or love animals, this place will be a fulfilling and fun experience.

Chiang Mai Elephant Legend Full & Half Day Tour Price, Chiang Mai

The sanctuary is a family-run establishment that seeks to help preserve the dwindling population of Asian elephants. The park allows elephants to interact with their habitat freely while being free from torture and abusive practices. Visitors are invited to come and meet these gentle elephants while supporting the community and the park through their donations.

All operations are based on sustainable ecotourism practices. It’s a much better and ethical way of meeting elephants instead of supporting zoos. You’ll get to feed and bathe the elephants, as well as take part in many thrilling activities at the sanctuary. The most fun part is bathing them in the river and the mud, but expect to get drenched – it’s all part of the experience!

The tour activities can also take you to the beautiful Mae Wang Waterfall, which is near the sanctuary, after elephant activities. This way, you can enjoy the stunning Thai countryside, as you swim and relax in the therapeutic waters of the falls. Your guide will feed you excellent homemade Thai food as part of your package. If you have specific dietary restrictions, just let them know ahead of time.

The staff at Chiang Mai Elephant Legend are among the friendliest and knowledgeable you will ever come across. It’s no surprise that this sanctuary consistently receives five-star reviews for the level of service and authentic experiences that they offer.

Be sure to make your bookings ahead of time to ensure that they can accommodate you on your preferred dates. After you make a booking, they will brief you with everything you need to bring along for an enjoyable day.

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