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Chiang Mai Historical Centre

Chiang Mai Historical Centre

The Chiang Mai Historical Centre is a remarkable museum where visitors can learn all about the rich, complex history of the city.

Aside from the wonderful historical information presented in an exciting manner, it’s hard not to be blown away by the sheer beauty of how the museum was built.

Chiang Mai Historical Centre Museum, Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

The museum itself is a mirror of authentic Lanna style and design, but step inside and you’ll be amazed by all the historical wonder that awaits you.

The museum is one of the city’s newest tourist attractions, and it certainly is one of the best. Spend an hour or two inside to learn about the fascinating history of Chiang Mai and Thailand, as it’s one that will take you back over 700 years ago. Prior to the Lanna kingdom, the land where Chiang Mai sits was once the home of Lawa and Mon settlements.

Visiting the museum will give you clues and interesting tidbits, telling the story of how Chiang Mai got to be the way it is today. More importantly, it highlights the significance of the Lanna period; the most influential and important time for northern Thailand’s history. Kids and adults alike are welcome to visit the Chiang Mai Historical Centre, with children in particular, will be enthralled by the wax models and interactive displays that showcase the history and traditional life in this part of the country.

There’s no need to understand Thai here since English and other language options are available. All the explanations are educational, informative, and concise. Check out the basement where there is an ancient temple ruin display. What’s interesting about it is that the temple ruins were actually discovered while building the centre, and were eventually added into the displays.

The museum is conveniently located right in Chiang Mai’s city centre, right across the Three Kings Monument.

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