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Three Kings Monument

Three Kings Monument is a large statue located in front of the Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre in the old city of Chiang Mai.

The three Kings that are represented are King Mengrai, the founder of Chiang Mai; King Ramkamhaeng of Sukothai; and King Ngam Muang of Payao.

Three Kings Monument Cultural Arts Centre, Chiang Mai Thailand

As one of the most recognisable attractions in Chiang Mai, the Three Kings Monument immortalises the three Kings in bronze as they were the monarchs who were responsible for founding the city of Chiang Mai in 1296.

The importance of the three Kings to the Thai people can be summarised as follows: King Mengrai founded the Lanna Kingdom and established Chiang Mai as the capital. King Ramkamhaeng was responsible for creating the Thai alphabet and for establishing Theravada Buddhism as the state religion of Thailand. King Ngam Muang was the King of Phayao, a province in northern Thailand. According to legend, Mangrai first made peace between King Ngam Muang of Phayao and King Ram Khamhaeng of Sukhothai in the year 1287 after one King seduced the others Queen. The three Kings then made a pact of strong friendship which endured over the years.

The monument acts as a meeting point for many local people as well as a shrine, with many Thai people leaving offerings at the foot of the statues.

The statues are located in a large square which fills with people during festivals held in Chiang Mai, as well as the Sunday Walking Street Market which starts here.

Prapokkloa Road
Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai

Opening Hours
24 hours

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What is the Three Kings Monument address?
Prapokkloa Road, Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai
What are the Three Kings Monument opening hours?
24 hours
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