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Chiang Mai National Museum

Chiang Mai National Museum

Chiang Mai National Museum is a centre of excellence for works of art, both in Chiang Mai and across Thailand. It is managed by the Fine Arts Department.

Thailand and especially northern Thailand has a rich heritage that can be attributed to various kingdoms that reigned in years gone by. Today, the Thai government realises the importance of preserving this heritage for future generations.

Chiang Mai National Museum, Admission Price & Open Hours, Thailand

In this light, through the department of Fine Arts, the government has gathered artefacts from the Lanna Kingdom as well as kept memorabilia collected from other kingdoms in the northern region.

You will find heaps of exhibits which touch on the cultural background of the Lanna Kingdom, how Chiang Mai fared under the Kingdom of Siam, the history of trade and economy, life and social development and art in the Kingdom. You will find information in both Thai and English and the museum will take between 1 – 1.5 hours to tour.

There are three main sections to the museum and the admission fee is very cheap. The museum underwent renovations in 2016 and has improved its user experience with additional exhibits and displays.

You can get to the Chiang Mai National Museum via the superhighway and it is located right near Wat Chet Yot and just 1.5kms from Maya Mall.

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