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Chiang Mai Philatelic Museum

Chiang Mai Philatelic Museum

The Chiang Mai Philatelic Museum is a must-visit for history buffs and stamp collectors; built on the site of the old post office and is home to an incredible display of historical Thai stamps.

Although small, this museum is a great place to reminisce what life was like before modern technological advancements.

Chiang Mai Philatelic Museum, Stamp Exhibits, Opening Hours & Address

Back in the day when there was no internet and SMS, smartphones or tablets, sending letters by mail using stamps was the primary method of communication. The same holds true for Thailand, but it’s interesting to see how the stamps used reflect their very own history and culture. The museum is small, but there’s enough for a visitor to browse for an hour or two.

The massive collection of stamps includes award-winning stamps, as well as rare pieces that have never before been seen. Aspiring and avid stamp collectors will get a thrill visiting the museum, which is conveniently located right outside the old city centre and within walking distance.

There are no entrance fees to enter the museum, which is great for travellers who are on a budget. Aside from an impressive collection of stamps, the museum also has lots of other interesting things on display related to the old post office. Upstairs, you’ll find an exhibition area featuring an interesting collection of old tape decks, franking machines, random communication equipment, and more.

Kids, in particular, may be blown away at the communications equipment considering that they were born in the age of smartphones! Don’t miss out on this museum for a little history and education.

The Philatelic Museum is near the Buddhist Centre and the Northern Thailand Telecoms Centre; both worthy attractions to check out while you’re in the area. It is located on Praisanee Road in the Chang Moi area. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm.

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