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Chiang Rai Trekking
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Chiang Rai Trekking

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Chiang Rai Trekking tours are a must-experience for those looking for a challenging adventure during their stay in northern Thailand.

Chiang Rai is a charming natural getaway, therefore there are hundreds of spots to check out with mountains and lush green jungles located here.

Chiang Rai Trekking, Elephant Tours & Guided Single Day Walks, Thailand

There are plenty of tour options, many including hotel transfers, lunch and an English speaking guide. Start with the many elephant trekking tours which will have you walking alongside these majestic animals in a natural environment. The most ethical tours will not allow riding nor will they use bull hooks to control the elephants. So make sure to do your research before selecting a tour.

Other tours will have you walking through the jungles of northern Thailand with a guide to lead you up and down the mountains. Some tours offer multi-day trekking and others are shorter, and just take you to the most picturesque spots.

You can also enjoy mountain bike riding and ATV tours in this region, with many operators offering bikes for use and these can be enjoyed with or without a guide. Trekking can also take you to the many rivers which cut through the landscape and you can go on a boat cruise or white water rafting in some areas.

Other tours will have you heading inside the hill tribes which will give you a uniquely Thai experience in these famous villages. Many tours also take you trekking to visit some of the lesser known temples in the jungles.

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