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Chiang Rai Walking Street

Chiang Rai Walking Street

The Chiang Rai walking street is a must-visit for some excellent shopping and quick bites to eat.

Even though you’ve likely already been to many of Thailand’s street markets, this one is special and offers much more unique items that you can only find in this region of the country.

Chiang Rai Walking Street, Saturday & Sunday Market and Thai Food

Beautiful hill-tribe inspired clothing, handmade candles and soap, more food and drink than you can imagine, and tons of inexpensive souvenirs are just some of the things you can expect here. Everything is reasonably priced, but the vendors are still expecting a haggle. It’s less crowded compared to the big markets, which makes it a fun place to relax too.

The market is only open on Saturday nights, and it’s found along Thanalai road from 5pm onwards and stretches for around 500 meters. The market is a terrific place to spend a laid-back Saturday night, as you munch on the obligatory deep-fried insects. If that isn’t your thing, don’t worry because there are also delicious juicy kebabs, sate, dim sum, grilled chicken, lots of fresh juice, smoothies, curries, and more.

For a more efficient tour of Chiang Rai walking street, it’s good to know that it has been divided into three zones.

The first zone is known as the OTOP (one town, one product) zone, where you can find a variety of locally-made goods that have been produced by the nearby ethnic groups or communities. The second zone is dedicated entirely to handicrafts, and you will find many world-class artistic pieces that have been made by the villagers. The last zone is dedicated to souvenirs and art exhibits, and this is where you’ll find stunning pieces to take home.

There is also an extra unique feel as you walk through this market because it has been decorated in simple, authentic Lanna design. When all the shopping and eating has tired you out, you can easily find a traditional Thai massage service along the night market.

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