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A trip to Chiang Mai would be incomplete without getting a massage at the hundreds of massage parlours located around the city.

Massages in Chiang Mai are cheap and of a good quality and can be obtained by walking into any of the parlours which line the streets, no bookings are required.

Types of Massages, Cost Per Hour & Best Locations in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Getting a massage in Chiang Mai is very affordable. If you walk into any massage parlour, a Thai massage will generally cost anywhere between 200-300 THB per hour. If getting a massage in one of the upmarket malls, the price may increase to around 400-500 THB per hour and if going to a day spa, may be as much as 600-800 THB per hour.

The absolute cheapest massages can be found along the Sunday Walking Street Market where vendors set up along the street with comfortable chairs and offer foot massages to passing pedestrians. At 150 THB per hour, these massages are an absolute bargain!

Visitors should note that massages near Tha Phae Gate will be more expensive as this area is considered the “touristy” area of Chiang Mai. Simply head away from this area to find prices drop in other parlours by as much as 50-100 THB per hour.

There are many kinds of massages on offer including foot massage, oil massage, aromatherapy massage and acupressure. Undoubtedly, the most popular massage to get in Chiang Mai is a traditional Thai massage. Thai massage uses gentle pressure on specific points of your body and utilises compression and stretches. Those getting a Thai massage will be asked to change into pajama like clothing and will have their body stretched and rubbed to increase flexibility and their range of motion. You can ask for this massage to be hard or soft to suit your preference.

So make sure to enjoy a Chiang Mai Massage next time you are in the city and relax with some of the cheapest massages in Thailand!

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