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Doi Inthanon Elephant Park

Doi Inthanon Elephant Park

The Doi Inthanon Elephant Park offers unforgettable and ethical elephant encounters in Chiang Mai. The park was established by a man named Taksin, who wanted to share him and his family’s love for the elephants through the park.

Visitors who come to the park are treated not only to rewarding experiences but also get to learn about the traditional ways that Taksin and his family take care of them.

Doi Inthanon Elephant Park, Full & Half Day Tour Prices, Chiang Mai

The friendly staff can include hotel pickups with any of their packages. Visitors are taken to the park near the mountains, and on the way, you get to stop at a local outdoor market to get some snacks and refreshments to take along to the elephant camp.

Upon arrival at the park, you will be escorted to a seating area which offers views of the majestic elephants as they roam the land. You can also change into traditional hill tribe clothing which makes the experience even more authentic!

After that, visitors are then guided to do what their chosen packages include. They offer Tour A: Half-day elephant care; Tour B: One-day elephant care, Tour C: One day Inthanon National Park and elephant care; Tour D: Two day, one-night trekking and elephant care; Tour E: One day full of activities. (half-day elephant care, one-hour trekking, waterfalls, bamboo rafting). Considering the type of activities that they offer, the prices aren’t bad at all, and all their tour guides are extremely friendly and helpful with all your questions.

The best part about the Doi Inthanon Elephant Park is that you get the best of both worlds: enjoying the lush natural surroundings of the protected natural park while interacting with their elephants.

Remember to pack clothes, because the activities you’ll be doing will most likely get dirty and wet. Additionally, interested visitors are advised to book ahead of time with the park staff since they can get fully booked – especially during the high season.

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What are the Doi Inthanon Elephant Park opening hours?
What are the Doi Inthanon Elephant Park entry prices?
Half-Day Elephant Care (Tour A): 1,700 Baht
One-Day Elephant Care (Tour B): 2,400 Baht
One-Day Doi Inthanon National Park & Elephant Care (Tour C): 3,800 Baht
Two-Day one night Trek and Elephant Care (Tour D): 4,200 Baht
Half-Day Elephant Care + 1hr Trekking + Waterfall + Bamboo rafting (Tour E): 2,400 Baht
Doi Inthanon National Park Trekking (Tour F): 1,800 Baht
Two-Day, One-Night Doi Inthanon & Elephant Care (Tour G): 5,900 Baht

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