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Doi Sa Ngo

Doi Sa Ngo

Doi Sa Ngo is a beautiful ecotourism destination in Chiang Rai. What makes this place unique is that from here, you can see Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos all from one spectacular viewpoint; which is called the Golden Triangle.

You are surrounded by natural beauty, and if you come during the right time, you even get to see the once-in-a-lifetime sight of a sea of clouds.

Doi Sa Ngo, Golden Triangle Viewpoint, Address & Entry Fee, Chiang Rai

The very cold temperatures of Chiang Rai, combined with its high altitude, make it perfect for creating this natural phenomenon of the sea of clouds. The best time to view it is to get to the viewpoint during daybreak, especially during the cold months from December to January. Sometimes, the temperatures up here can go as low as -10 Celsius, so be sure to pack for the cold. The amber sunrise and the land below blanketed in a sea of clouds will be one of the most unforgettable sunrises of your life.

For the ultimate Doi Sa Ngo experience, camp out here for a night or two. This way, you can view the incredible sunrise and sea of clouds as soon as you wake up. Then you get to relax for the rest of the day while enjoying the fresh, crisp mountain air. If you prefer not to camp, there are also a few basic and affordable resorts found here. The campsites, viewpoint, and the resorts are all found on the mountaintop.

Getting here is easy from any point in Chiang Rai. Rent a car and a driver, then tell him to take you here. It is also known as the Sa Ngo Royal Project Development Center. There is a local village here that takes care of the parking; then visitors will take a small vehicle to the mountain top.

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What is the Doi Sa Ngo address?
North-East off Route 4001
Roughly 3.6km from the main road , Si Don Mun, Chiang Saen

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What are the Doi Sa Ngo entry prices?
Car Parking
Overnight: 50 Baht
Temporary: 30 Baht

Mini-tractor service to the top: 100 Baht

Please visit our website for more information on the Doi Sa Ngo.
What is the Doi Sa Ngo phone number?

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