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Elephant Rescue National Park

Elephant Rescue National Park

Elephant Rescue National Park is an excellent eco-tourism adventure in Chiang Mai. Here, you’ll get to learn all about why elephants play such an important role to the people in Thailand.

They have been used in transportation, farming, weaponry, and even religion for over 5,000 years.

Elephant Rescue National Park, Half & Full Day Tour Price, Chiang Mai

Here in northern Thailand, much of the elephant population is taken cared of by the Karen hill tribe people. The elephants were born in their villages, and the skill of taking care of them is a tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next. While many elephants are forced to work in the tourism industry, here at the park, you will find only the most ethical practices around.

The park is run as a cooperative by Karen hill tribe members as well as locals. Together, they support elephant welfare and give them the best lives possible. Through the help of visitors like you, income is generated, which goes directly to costs involved in providing the elephants with food, elephant rescues, veterinary care, and more. The park is the perfect example of a well-balanced elephant activity: combining animal welfare with a priceless experience for all visitors.

The Elephant Rescue National Park offers two packages. Both the full-day and half-day visits are inclusive of transportation, a local tour guide, drinks and food, traditional Karen hill tribe clothing, and food which you can feed the elephants. Your photos also get to be featured on their Facebook page. Bring along a change of clothes, a swimsuit, walking shoes, sunscreen, towel, sun protection, and sandals for a comfortable visit.

The park is found within the Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai. Get in touch with them to reserve your bookings in advance.

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Full-Day Visit: 2400 Baht
Half-Day Visit (Morning): 1600 Baht
Half-Day Visit (Afternoon): 1600 Baht

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