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Ganesh Himal Museum

Ganesh Himal Museum

The Ganesh Himal Museum is a popular attraction in Chiang Mai, known for its eclectic and rather unusual collection of displays all dedicated to Ganesh; a Hindu deity depicted as an elephant.

Although some may find it mind-boggling, that’s precisely why this museum is worth a visit.

Ganesh Himal Museum Opening Hours, Address & Prices, Chiang Mai

The museum was established by a Bangkokian named Mr Pundhorn Teerakanon, who eventually left Thailand’s bustling capital to work and live in Chiang Mai. Mr Teerakanon has greatly been influenced by the legendary deity for more than 30 years and has spent much of his life collecting all kinds of Ganesh images. In 2002, he decided to buy land to build the museum, which was intended to be a centre of learning as well as worship for anyone who believes in Ganesh.

Balinese, Lanna, Islamic, and North Indian influences are all evident throughout the museum, as well as in its carvings and dacor. Ganesh, who is recognised as the god of good fortune and many others, is revered everywhere you look. It’s no surprise that a lottery ticket vendor is found here, for visitors who’d like to try their luck after paying homage to Ganesh. The sprawling courtyard features the main worship hall, as well as several shrines all dedicated to him.

The courtyard in itself has many interesting attractions that you will pass before you get to the museum proper. Two buildings house a massive collection of different types of Ganesh images. There are statues, carvings, paintings, relics, and more which come from all parts of Asia. Visitors can learn more about each of the displays, with the information clearly labelled and written in both Thai and English. There is so much to see at the Ganesh Himal Museum, so make sure to spend enough time to see everything.

Visitors are also welcome to participate in worshipping ceremonies dedicated to Ganesh, held each Sunday and during Ganesh-related auspicious days, at 10am onwards.

Take note that photographs are not allowed inside the museum. The museum is open every day from 9am to 5pm, and is located in Moo 10, Chiang Mai Hod Road, Yang Kram. Admission is free.

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