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Kalare Night Market

Kalare Night Market

The Kalare Night Market is a great place to shop for bargains. It also makes a fun alternative for those who want to spend their evenings doing something else other than just drinking.

This bazaar is known for selling an extensive array of local products at prices that can’t be beaten.

Kalare Night Market Hours, Address & Souvenir Stalls, Chiang Mai

This market is also frequented by locals, making it less touristy than the other popular bazaars in Chiang Mai. There are hundreds of stalls to explore here, selling jewellery, clothes, shoes, and much more. If you need some good deals for local tours, this is a good place to get in touch with tour operators as well. A sprinkling of artist studios can be found here for those who want to learn a thing or two about making handmade goods.

Come with an appetite, because there is a dizzying array of dining options. The open-air food court invites guests to take in the cool evening breeze while indulging in terrific local cuisine. The main dining hall offers just about every kind of food imaginable: from Thai to Japanese, Chinese, seafood, vegetarian, western, and much more. Just choose what you want to eat from the vendors and they will deliver it to your table.

Outside the main dining area are some recent additions including large seafood restaurants, where you can choose your seafood of choice and have them cook it the way you want.

There are also nightly performances to entertain you as you shop or eat. Although they vary daily and weekly, they are always delightful to watch – especially if you come across a traditional Thai dance show.

With over 300 stalls covering almost 3,000 square meters of space, the Kalare Night Market will have something for everyone. It’s the only market of its kind in Chiang Mai that combines cultural performances, a beer garden, shopping, and an alfresco dining area into one unique experience.

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